PODDS II Final Report

PODDS II Summary Report based on initial findings and modelling of undisturbed sites

Northumbrian Water Discolouration Risk Analysis Tool Trial, S21M & S56B (response to NWL trial)

Abstract from paper by United Utilities using PODDS in Dee Trunk Main Cleaning - methodology, operation and validation



Discolouration Risk Analysis Tool - opens a folder with the latest version, Epanet.exe file, Epanet.dll file and 2 example Epanet files. These can be downloaded and saved as appropriate. Instructions for use can be found in the User Manual.

Discolouration Risk Analysis Tool - User Manual; - methodology, operation and validation document




Inaugral meeting 4th July 2005, University of Sheffield, minutes , presentation

Second meeting 19th September 2005, Durham County Cicket Club, Northumbrian Water, minutes , presentation

At the second meeting Paul Sage of United Utilities gave a presentation, available here.

Third meeting 7th December 2005, Blackwell House, Veolia Water, minutes , presentation

Fourth meeting 14th March 2006, Leicester Water Centre, Severn Trent Water, minutes , presentation

Fifth meeting 11th July 2006, Peterborough West Holiday Inn, Anglian Water, minutes , presentation. Appended to the minutes is a document providing an update of current user options being incorporated into the PODDS II Discolouration Risk Tool.

Sixth meeting 11th October 2006, Esholt Hall, Yorkshire Water, minutes , presentation

Seventh meeting 17th January 2007, Sir William Atkins Building, Southern Water/Atkins, minutes , presentation

Eigth meeting 25th April 2007, Lingley Mere, United Utilities, minutes , presentation

Ninth (& final) meeting 28th June 2007, Firth Court, University of Sheffield, minutes , presentation




NW01a - Northumbrian Water DMA S21M Ayton Village.

NW02a - Northumbrian Water DMA S56B Seaham.

UU01a - United Utilities DMA 151_01 Frodsham.

UU02a - United Utilities DMA 126_01 Rainhill.

YW07a - Yorkshire Water DMA A200 Wortley. (Reports YW01a to YW06a are part of original PODDS project, available in User Area of those pages. YW04a & YW06a are previous reports from this DMA)

YW05a - Yorkshire Water DMA J796 Sharrow. (Report from previous PODDS operation using same procedure)

AW12a - Anglian Water DMA_UFFINGMA Uffingham.(Reports AW01a to AW11a are part of original PODDS project, available in User Area of those pages.)

AW13a - Anglian Water DMA_BROADMA Broadholme.

STW01a - Severn TRentWater DMA_14/422 Rykneld Road, Derby.

STW02a - Severn TRentWater DMA_14/429 Stenson Road, Derby.




In press

CCWI 2001 conference. Model mathematics and justification

IWA 2002 World Water conference. Hydraulic interpretation of results from preliminary fieldwork

IWA Scale and Corrosion conference 2003 - Interpretation of physical results from early fieldwork

ASCE EWRI conference 2003 - Results from regeneration study, and comparison to roughness growth rates

CCWI 2003 conference. Rehabilitation and maintenance strategies

J.AWWA 2004 . Hydraulic calibration, diameter and roughness relationships

J. Environmental Engineering ASCE 2005. Initial validatiom of the modelling approach for prediction of discolouration

EPSRC Water Treatment & Supply 2005 - Initial findings from the PODDS Regeneration Rig

ASCE EWRI 2005 - Identification of discolouration risk through simplified modelling

Journal of Water Supply: Research and Technology AQUA 2006 - Transfer of PODDS model to an water distribution system in Melbourne (Australia)

EPSRC Water Treatment & Supply 2007 - Repeat DMA Flushing Operations: discolouration comparison, modelling and management (abstract only)




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