PODDS V Project Summary 2015. The PODDS V research project has been hugely successful in bringing together multiple aspects of research. Increased scientific knowledge from nationwide and laboratory studies has resulted in cost effective and efficient operational strategies that improve asset performance in water distribution systems with regards to safeguarding water quality. The work and subsequent impact has been recognised academically, by water practitioners internationally and the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI). This has only been possible with the active participation of project members helping organise trials that consistently demonstrate the hydraulically manageable and predictable discolouration behaviour whilst facilitating identification of governing processes.

DWI Presentation, June 2015. The DWI invited the PODDS group to London to present our research. It was commented by the organisers that 29 (out of 40+ staff including clerical) was best turnout to date for this type of dissemination event

REF 2014 The Research Excellence Framework (guide). REF is the new system for assessing UK Universities' research. PODDS was submitted as an Impact Case Study and subsequently showcased (1 of only 5 from 514 case studies) as an excellent example of contributions by engineering research to the better provision of public services in a report prepared by Technopolis with the EPSRC, Royal Academy of Engineering and overseen by Professor John Fisher CBE FREng; "Assessing the economic returns of engineering research and postgraduate training in the UK".

PODDS VI Proposal (July 2015). This aims to extend the work started in previous highly successful PODDS consortia projects but with improved specified data gathering for parallel bespoke computing modelling analysis to enable evidencing the causes of discolouration whilst justifiying tactical and strategic operations within the regulatory framework. PODDS VI - Initial proposal (March 2015) can be found here.

NTU Equivalence - set of plots that demonstrate how turbidity correlates with iron and manganese based on PODDS trials over

PODDS Flow Cytometry protocol. A protocol has been written (by Kat Fish and Stewart Husband) that uses sodium ascorbate for dechlorinating. Sodium ascorbate has been selected as it is basically Vitamin C so is safer to handle, store etc, AWWA approved and not an oxygen scavenger like sodium thiosulphate

PODDS Conference abstracts - accepted abstracts for the IWA Biofilms Conference 2015 in Arosa, Switzerland and CCWI 2015 Conference in Leicester.

PODDS GUIDING PRINCIPLES - based on over a decade of industry leading international research. Includes key iinnovative priorities for developing efficient, cost-effective pro-active discolouration management strategies and a flowsheet methodology for identifying and prioritising trunk main conditioning.

‘To chlorinate, or not to chlorinate?’ Pathogen Proposal 2015 - This proposal seeks to challenge the current practices of maintaining disinfection residual in drinking water distribution systems, by for the first time studying and modelling the impact of disinfection residual strategies on the sheltering, proliferation, release and subsequent exposure to pathogens from within the systems.

PIPE DREAMS Presentation and Agenda 3rd July 2014. Distribution systems are not inert transport systems. They should be considered as high surface area physical, chemical and biological reactors. They are also highly variable, highly uncertain, ageing and deteriorating. The central premise of Pipe Dreams is that the layers that form at the pipe and water interface of this extremely complex, endemic, essential infrastructure are the missing link between water quality and infrastructure.
This final year event presented results of research that sought to address the need to understand this interface, such that we can supply safe water for public health, and make the best sustainable use of existing infrastructure. The day will involve presenting results and achievements, as well as propose some ideas for the future, with opportunities for discussion, feedback and interaction across industry and academia.

PODDS Welsh Water Proposal (April 2014) With the ongoing success of the PODDS project, Welsh Water have asked to become members. Here can be found the "Discolouration proposal to Dwr Cymru Welsh Water from the Pennine Water Group at the University of Sheffield"

PODDS V Proposal (April 2013) 'Microbial Viability and Discolouration in Trunk Mains - a proposed 2 year consortium funded research project building on the PODDS research and innovations'.

PODDS Turbidity Monitoring Equipment (March 2013) reports on the turbidity moniting formats of field kit used by the PODDS team.

Click on the filmstrip below to take you to folder containing the "Particles, Cohesive Layers and Discolouration Risk" video clip. The PODDS presentation from the WatNet Conference, Cranfield September 2013 can also be found here.




DCWW Abergele November 2014 - This report presents data from an initial PODDS flow conditioning trial on the 5 km 8” mixed uPVC and AC trunk main feeding Abergele service reservoir. The trial was conducted following two independent hydraulic incidents that had occurred on this main during 2014 that demonstrated a discolouration risk to customers and a follow-up DWI investigation. An updated report including findings and modelling validation from a second trial in January 2015 is also attached.

NWG Elford 6" AC flow conditioning trial and investigative study

STW 21" Cast Iron Satnall Report (March 2014) including PODDS predictive modelling, 3 x trial analysis (2 six monthly repeats) and recommended operational guidelines

STW 21" Cast Iron Satnall Trial Report (January 2013) including PODDS predictive modelling from January 2012.

Turbidity versus Iron - Is 1 NTU a sensible flushing target for PODDS style operational trials?

PODDS Epanet model parameters can be seen here.

PODDS Epanet Model and PODDS Epanet Manual (2009) available here.




Inaugral meeting 16th October 2013, University of Sheffield: agenda, presentation, minutes

Second Steering Meeting 15th January 2014, University of Sheffield: agenda, presentation, minutes. As an 'expert' group, do we need regulatory clarification on what is 'clean'? To assist the University of Sheffield's 'Discolouration' REF submission plus guidance notes are attached. Updates from Will Furnass (pipe rig mobilisation results and modelling) and Isabel Douterelo (microbial anlysis of field based pipe coupons) are included in the presentation. Martin Jackson also gave a presentation on how PODDS parameters may be determined directly from hydraulic values.

Third Steering Meeting 9th April 2014, University of Sheffield: agenda, presentation, minutes.

Fourth Steering Meeting 9th July 2014, University of Sheffield: agenda, presentation, minutes.

Fifth Steering Meeting 13th October 2014, University of Sheffield: agenda, presentation, minutes. The meeting involved interactive PODDS modelling and live turbidity data downloaded from the latest NephNets. In addition to the PODDS work, additional presentations from Iftekhar Sunny on his Phd with Scotiish Water and Kat Fish with laboratory and chlorine associated research with Dwr Cymru Welsh Water. During the meeting Isabel Douterelo presented initial results from coupon studies with Wessex Water (slides not available online).

Sixth Steering Meeting, 13th January 2015, University of Sheffield, agenda, presentation, minutes.

Seventh Steering Meeting, 14th April 2015, University of Sheffield, agenda, presentation, minutes

Eighth Steering Meeting, 7th July 2015, University of Sheffield, agenda, presentation, minutes

Ninth Steering Meeting, 29th September 2015, University of Sheffield, agenda, presentation, minutes




Discolouration Risk Analysis Tool - opens a folder with the latest version, Epanet.exe file, Epanet.dll file and 2 example Epanet files. These can be downloaded and saved as appropriate. Instructions for use can be found in the User Manual.

Discolouration Risk Analysis Tool - User Manual; - methodology, operation and validation document








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